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Carlsbad Diamond buyers pays Cash for Diamonds  in Carlsbad CA. We have 6 San Diego diamond buyers locations where you can sell diamonds and sell diamond engagement ring and get paid cash for diamonds on the spot today.


Get paid more for your diamond. When it comes time to sell diamond in Carlsbad, Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego  pays cash for your diamond. We can even pay more for small diamonds inside your jewelry as well as precious stones. With 6 diamond stores in San Diego, we have a convenient diamond buyers location near you. Come in and get cash for diamonds in Carlsbad today.

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We also pay cash for emeralds, rubies, sapphires and small to large diamonds.

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Carlsbad Cash for Diamond has six local  diamond buyers locations to serve you. Sell diamond in Carlsbad, La Mesa, El Cajon, Downtown San Diego, Clairemont & Carlsbad and get Cash for Diamonds on the spot.

Carlsbad Diamond Buyers pays Cash for Diamonds in Carlsbad CA

If you are selling diamond in Carlsbad check out Carlsbad Diamond buyers. If you want to sell diamond in Carlsbad, we have a cash for diamond location close to you and our professional San Diego diamond buyers are standing by to serve you.

You need to know a few things about your diamond before you sell it.

The Diamond Cut

The first thing you need to know is the cut of your diamond. For example, a round diamond is more valuable than a princess cut diamond (princess cut is same as square cut diamond). After all if you want to make a round diamond out of a square, you’d have to cut all the corners to make it round so you lose a lot of weight. Therefore, considering two diamonds of equal color and clarity, a round diamond is worth more than a princess cut diamond. Marquis cut diamonds are one of the least popular diamonds. So knowing the cut of your diamond helps you determine what kind of value you should be receiving for your diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding band, diamond jewelry or loose diamonds.

The Diamond Clarity

When diamond are formed in the ground, there are impurities that are “included” in the diamond when it forms. Diamonds are 99.5% carbon with 0.5% impurities (these numbers can vary slightly). Depending on how much other stuff (impurities) are “included” inside your diamond (these are referred to as “inclusions”) the clarity grade of your diamond changes. For example, if your diamond is very clean with no natural inclusions, then it is Internally Flawless (or IF) grade. If it has Very Very Slight inclusions, then it is VVS. VVS grades are VVS1 and VVS2. If there are Very Slight inclusions, then your diamond is a VS diamond. VS grades are VS1 and VS2 (VS1 is better than VS2). If there are Slight Inclusions then your Clarity Grade is SI. There are grades of SI1,SI2 and some people also consider SI-3. If your diamond has a lot of impurities inside or imperfections then it is an “Included” diamond or “I” grade diamond. I grades are I1, I2 and I3 (with I3 being the worst clarity grade). Some San Diego diamond buyers consider an SI3 diamond the same as an I1 diamond. The value of your diamond is affected by how much inclusions are inside and around your diamond, where these inclusions are located and how much they interfere with the diamond’s natural shine. The less inclusions, the better. Many lab made diamonds, moissanite and cubic zirconia diamond simulants have no inclusions (although lately Cubic Zirconia has been spotted with inclusions to simulate diamonds more closely).

The Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond weight is measured in CARATS. Carat is spelled with a C. Every carat is 1/5th of 1 gram. So 5 carats weighs one gram. It is important to distinguish that Karat with a K is used to measure the purity of gold as opposed to Carat with a C which is used to measure the weight of a diamond. When it comes to diamonds we do not use Karats with a K.
The more your diamond weighs, the more value it has. A 5 carat diamond is worth a lot more than a 1 carat diamond.

Relationship Between Your Diamond’s Cut and Its Weight

It is important to note that a diamond’s cut grade is important. For example, a 1 carat round diamond should measure 6.5 millimeters by 6.5 millimeters. If the diamond measures 6.25 x 6.25 millimeters and yet weighs 1 carat, that means the diamond crown is smaller than it should be and it is longer on the bottom. On a ring that diamond looks smaller than a 1 carat diamond, even though it weighs 1 carat. Your local diamond dealers will make an adjustment for irregular cuts to reflect the measurements. In the example above your diamond may be valued as a 0.93 carat diamond instead of a 1 carat diamond, even though it may weight 1 carat because it is not cut to standard. The same goes for diamonds that are wider than the standard size but are too shallow as that can is also an irregular cut and can affect the shine even though technically it would look larger than a 1 carat diamond because its diameter will be over 6.5 x 6.5 mm.

Your Diamond’s Color Grade

One of the most important criteria for a diamond is its color. The best diamonds are colorless diamonds (like water is colorless). If your diamond has a light tint of yellow or brown, that reduces its color grade. The stronger the tint, the lower the grade. The best diamond color grade is a “D” color. For example if your diamond is totally colorless, it would be a D, E, or F color, even a G. The more tint of yellow or brown is in the diamond, the lower the color (H,I,J,K,L,…etc.).  While the tint of yellow or brown is not desirable in a diamond, naturally brilliant color diamonds are very rare.

Fancy Diamonds

Natural diamonds with vivid or radiant yellow or other colors are referred to as fancy colored diamonds and can be worth thousands to millions or dollars.

Fluorescence In Your Diamond

Fluorescence refers to the diamond lighting up if a black light is shone upon it. Black lights are the same as the ones in night clubs. If the diamond does not light up purple-blue, then it is not fluorescent. If it slightly turns fluorescent then it has faint fluorescence. If it lights up strongly, it has strong fluorescence.  Fluorescent diamonds can be somewhat milky in color or not as clear is non-fluorescent diamonds and as such as less desirable. Degree of fluorescence in a diamond reduces its value.

Generally, diamonds with no fluorescence are desirable.

Diamond Laboratory Grading & Certification

Generally a laboratory certificate will identify all specifications of your diamond. Within the San Diego diamond dealers world, as well as with all diamond dealers nationwide and worldwide, one diamond laboratory is recognized as the premier diamond lab in the world. It is called GIA labs. GIA grading is respected by all dealers worldwide. GIA has laboratories in New York City and Carlsbad California. Diamonds are shipped from all over the world to GIA labs for grading. While there are many other labs that grade diamonds, a diamond carrying a GIA certificate is respected by all dealers for accuracy of grading. GIA diamond grading uses tough standards to determine the color and clarity of your diamond. Other labs may use standards that are not as stringent as GIA, although many may be close or even on par, but the GIA reputation is meticulous worldwide. In a word where one color grade or clarity grade can make tens of thousands of dollars difference in the value of your large diamonds, it is always best to have a GIA certificate, if you decide to certify your diamonds. US EGL laboratories is also a good lab, but most San Diego diamond dealers reduce your US EGL lab certificate grades by at least one grade (or more) to adjust it to GIA standards.  

Sell Diamond in Carlsbad – We have six local Diamond buyers Locations to Serve you.

Our six Carlsbad diamond buyers locations are state of the art diamond stores. Your transaction is discreet and confidential. Our staff will treat you with courtesy and respect and get you cash for diamond quickly.

The process for selling diamond in Carlsbad is simple:

  1. When selling diamond in Carlsbad, gather all items you’d like to sell and bring them into one of our local Carlsbad diamond buyers locations.
  2. Our professional diamond buyer staff will test your diamond using a variety of techniques including electronic means of testing.
  3. We will provide you with a cash for diamond quote in minutes and get you paid on the spot.

When you want to sell diamond in Carlsbad or sell diamond ring, chances are we have a location near you.

Next time you are looking for who buyer diamonds near me or local Carlsbad diamond buyers, look no further. You can come into any of our 6 San Diego diamond buyers locations during our business hours,  no appointment necessary.

Call us today at (619)777-6265 or click here to contact us.

Our Locations:

Diamond Buyers Carlsbad, CA (Downtown Carlsbad on 3rd Ave. between E & F Street)

Diamond Buyers La Mesa (On Jackson Drive, across from Toys R Us, Ross’s & Walmart)

Diamond Buyers El Cajon (on Mollison Ave.)

Diamond Buyers Clairemont CA (on Balboa Ave.)

Diamond Buyers Downtown San Diego (on 6th Ave.)

Diamond Buyers Carlsbad (on Girard Ave.)

As always, no appointment is necessary to visit any of our Carlsbad diamond buyers locations. You will get cash for diamond on the spot. We look forward to seeing you.

Diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth and is desired by many for luxury and industrial uses. It is a beautiful stone that reflects light when cut properly. It shines and is desired by almost all jewelry lovers. Diamonds should be colorless but there are natural diamonds that have vivid or radiant colors which can be worth millions of dollars due to their natural beauty and rarity. There are also treatments done to diamonds to change their color. There are also lab made diamonds which are diamonds but have been made in the lab, not by nature and are therefore less valuable.

There are also diamonds that are “clarity enhanced”, which means by artificial processes inclusions are removed from the diamond. Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego does not buy or deal in Clarity Enhanced diamonds.

The diamond we see in the market are usually coming from the mines or resold by people selling their diamonds. Generally, those are the main sources of diamonds, the second being derived from the first, as at some point all diamond were mined from a mine or harvested from the ground or acquired via other methods from nature. Lab made diamonds are made artificially and are not included in the above categories as a result because they are not naturally occurring diamonds.

Lab made diamonds have become more and more difficult to identify lately due to advances in technology and according to Rapaport, an authority in diamonds worldwide, they have permeated the diamond market. Natural diamonds are always more valuable and if you are getting your diamond certified by a lab such as GIA it is important that the certificate would indicate it is a natural diamond.

The value of diamond changes according to supply and demand. Every month new prices are published by Rapaport for worldwide diamond pricing.

Keep in mind that dealers get discounts from other dealers when purchasing diamonds wholesale as opposed to fully marked up retail prices sold by retail diamond store chains such as Kay Jewelers, Jared’s, Samuel’s, Zales, Robbin’s Brothers and other jewelry and diamond stores in San Diego and therefore an adjustment is made by your local Carlsbad diamond buyers reflecting this when your diamond is appraised for a buyer’s verbal appraisal.

Also keep in mind that your Carlsbad diamond buyers have to make a profit to purchase your diamond. Their costs are taken into account when purchasing your diamond so that they can cover their expenses and make a profit and be available to you 5 to 7 days a week, anytime you decide to sell your diamond. A local diamond buyer or diamond dealer can always purchase diamonds wholesale from other dealers so they will not pay fully marked up retail prices for diamonds. Keeping that in mind, your Carlsbad diamond buyers will provide you with a cash for diamond offer and pay you cash for your diamond on the spot.

What Does Carlsbad Diamond buyers Buy? We are:

Carlsbad Diamond Ring Buyers

Carlsbad Engagement Ring Buyers

Carlsbad Diamond Jewelry Buyers

Carlsbad Large Diamond Buyers

Carlsbad Loose Diamond Buyers, and

Carlsbad Watch Buyers

Some of our locations are also:

Carlsbad Art Buyers

Carlsbad Antique Buyers, and

Carlsbad Persian Rug Buyers

When it comes to selling diamond in Carlsbad, chances are we have a convenient location near you.

What Can I Sell to Diamond & Diamond Buyers of Carlsbad? You can:

Sell Diamond in Carlsbad

Sell Diamond Ring in Carlsbad

Sell Diamond Jewelry in Carlsbad

Sell Loose Diamond in Carlsbad

Sell Large Diamond in Carlsbad

Sell Watches in Carlsbad, and

Sell Diamond Engagement Rings in Carlsbad

Come in and see why many of our customers think we are the best Carlsbad diamond buyers. Our staff will take good care of you. Come in and see why we are one of the most reputable diamond buyers in San Diego.

Come in and see for yourself why our customers think we are the best place to sell a diamond in Carlsbad.

Selling used watches in Carlsbad and selling diamond engagement ring in Carlsbad are easy because we have experienced staff that can evaluate your diamond engagement ring or Rolex or other fine timepiece in minutes and give you a cash offer on the spot.

You can also call us at (619)777-6265 or click here to contact us.

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