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Diamond Buyers San Diego. We are Cash Diamond Buyers in San Diego. Find out why our customers say we are the best San Diego diamond buyers.Click Here for DetailsSell DiamondsSelling Diamonds in Chula Vista or San Diego? We have 5 diamond buyer locations in San Diego and pay cash for diamonds in San Diego.Click Here for DetailsCash for Diamonds in San DiegoWe pay cash for diamonds in San Diego. No checks, no hassle. Looking for the best place for selling diamond in San Diego for cash?Click Here for Details

Diamond Buyers San Diego has 6 local diamond buyer locations to serve you:

Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego

We are San Diego diamond buyers, paying cash for diamonds in San Diego. We buy large diamonds, and smaller diamonds as well. We also buy diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond jewelry, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and diamond crosses. If you have very large diamonds, we can provide you with a very competitive price quote for your large diamonds in minutes, whether GIA certified or not. Our professional diamond buyers include Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate diamondtologists and gemologists.
We also buy rubies, emeralds, sapphires, jade and other colored stones.

Diamond Buyers Chula vista (255 3rd Ave., Downtown Chula Vista)

Diamond Buyers Downtown San Diego (on 6th Ave.)

Diamond Buyers El Cajon (on Mollision)

Diamond Buyers La Mesa (on El Cajon Blvd.)

Diamond Buyers Clairemont (on Balboa Ave.)

Diamond Buyers La Jolla (on Girard Ave.)

We make selling diamond in San Diego easy. Our professional diamond buyers evaluate your diamond, provide you with a cash quote and we get you paid on the spot.
The entire process can take just a few minutes depending on your diamond. For larger diamonds we have to perform additional tests that might take slightly longer.
We can pay you in cash or by check, depending on what you prefer.
We have diamond experts at our diamond buyer locations in Downtown Chula Vista, Downtown San Diego, El Cajon, La Mesa, Clairemont and La Jolla. Please call us to schedule an appointment for a free diamond evaluation and cash quote. You can also walk into any of our San Diego diamond buyers locations without an appointment during our business hours.
Your visit to Gold & Diamond Buyers San Diego is always discreet and our friendly staff will treat you with courtesy and respect.
Come into any of our diamond stores in San Diego and see for yourself why many customers say we are the best place to sell diamond in San Diego.
Selling diamonds in San Diego is easy because with 6 professional San Diego diamond buyer locations, chances are we have a diamond dealer near you. Many of our locations also provide free or metered parking for your convenience.

Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego pays cash for diamonds in all of San Diego.

We are:

Diamond Ring Buyers in San Diego

Diamond Engagement Ring Buyers in San Diego

Diamond Jewelry Buyers in San Diego

Diamond Buyers in San Diego

Please remember to bring your ID when selling diamond in San Diego as state law requires a state or federal government issued ID to sell second hand items. Also do not forget to bring any paperwork or certificates you may have with your diamond that you are selling. Our diamond jewelry stores are open 6 to 7 days a week depending on location so if you are looking to sell a diamond in San Diego even on a Sunday, call us and we will arrange for an appointment for you to come in and sell diamond jewelry or loose diamonds.
Finally, if you can’t come to us, we can come to you. Our mobile diamond buyer San Diego service is available 7 days a week to come to you, evaluate your diamond and provide you with a quote. Mobile transactions are paid by check unless you are able to come into one of our stores.

Now all diamond buyers San Diego are the same. Your best bet is to shop your diamond around to see who pays the highest cash for diamond prices in San Diego. When you are looking for the best place to sell a diamond in San Diego, we are happy to provide you with a free diamond quote in San Diego. Selling diamonds in San Diego is easy. Just give us a call and we’ll give you a quote right away.

Always Get Your Diamond Receipt & Papers

It is always a good idea to get any receipts, paperwork, appraisals and warranty cards you may have for your diamond and bring it down together with your diamond ring. These help us evaluate your diamond ring faster and see its pedigree. Diamond purchased from more reputable diamond dealers and diamond stores can be of better quality and bring higher prices as a result, although some of the bigger chains such as Kay Jewelers, Jared’s and Zales (all seem to be the same company now since they have merged), seem to sell some very low quality diamonds for high prices to the unsuspecting buyer. By low quality we mean diamonds that have a lot of color (like a tint or yellow or brown running through them) or diamond that have a lot of “inclusions” or black spots inside them, or both.

Tips for buying a diamond in San Diego

When buying a diamond ring in San Diego you should look at it yourself under a microscope (most stores provide that) or with a high powered loupe and see how clean the diamonds are. If you see a lot of black spots and imperfections inside the diamond, do not buy it. Also, diamonds should be colorless as much as possible. You don’t want diamonds that have a tint of brown or yellow running through them. You also should stay away from diamonds that are milky color or opaque. These are next to impossible to resell as everyone wants a clear and clean diamond. GIA has a system for rating diamonds. The more colorless they are the better so a D color diamond is one of the best, E being the next level down, then F, then G, then H. These are still good colors, but as you go down to I, J, K, L,M, etc., each grade there is more of a tint of yellow or brown to the diamond reducing its value significantly. While on smaller diamonds there isn’t much of a difference even between good colors such as F and G, for larger diamonds one grade such as F vs. G can means thousands of dollars in price difference.

Be smart and know the diamond you are buying.

Don’t rely on chain store sales reps to tell you all these things as with most Kay Jewelers, Jared’s and Zales diamonds we never see the color and clarity of the diamonds listed on the sales receipts and many times even the carat weight of the diamond is missing as well. Always ask to get your color, clarity and carat weight in writing and verifying everything yourself by looking at the diamond through a jeweler’s loupe or microscope. We see a lot of customers come in with very low quality from these big chain stores which they paid a lot of money for. The same money can buy you a much higher quality diamond with high resale value if you follow the tips on this page when you are looking at where to buy diamond engagement rings in San Diego.

We also provide diamond loans in San Diego. Pawning diamond in San Diego requires is easy. Just call us and we will provide you with a collateral loan against your diamond. We have a minimum diamond pawn amount of $2,500.00. Receive a loan secured against your diamond asset today by calling us now.

Call us today at (619)777-6265 or click here to contact us and get paid cash for your diamond in San Diego today !

Best San Diego Diamond Prices

We also sell diamonds. We beat internet and retail store prices on diamonds. Get top quality diamond engagement rings at a discount. Diamonds are the same whereever you go. They are graded based on cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Once a diamond is certified by GIA or a reputable labratory, you would know its specifications such as color and clarity. Whether you buy that diamond form a retail store, an online company or a local jewelry, the diamond is the same quality if the color and clarity are certified to be the same. For example, if you buy a round diamond that is E color and VS1 clarity, whether you buy that diamond at Kay Jeweler’s, Zales, Samuel’s, Ben Bridge Jeweler’s, Robbin’s Brothers, the Blue Nile, Costco or a mom & pop jewelry store, you are getting the same exact quality diamond. What is not the same is the price. For the same quality diamond, some retailers charge much more than others. Therefore, it is wise to shop around a little once you know the quality of the diamond you are looking for.

Best Place to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring in San Diego

For example, let’s say you are looking for a round, F color, VS-1 diamond with excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry (referred to as XXX in the industry), with no fluorescence. Once you have those parameters, you can shop many outfits for the same diamond and you will get various prices from different diamond dealers. We are not talking about the setting now, just the loose diamond that goes in the setting so that we can get all parameters fixed in our search for the best price for a diamond engagement ring or loose diamond. We can always do the same with the setting later.

Best Diamond Stores Near Me

There are many jeweler’s that sell loose diamonds in San Diego and nationwide. To keep the standard at the highest and best we would want a GIA certified diamond. GIA sets the standard in the diamond industry. They have tough grading standards and once they say a diamond is an F color with VS-1 clarity, excellent cut, excellent symmetry, excellent polish with no fluorescence, all dealers accept the GIA standard to be true and correct, versus other laboratories may be off by one or more grades when compared to GIA. When it comes to diamonds, GIA is the standard. When you request a GIA diamond, may of the big players try to sell you their own certificate. Keep in mind these are not GIA. For example, Jared’s has their own certificates for their diamonds. But their standard is not the same as GIA standards. With GIA certification you even out the playing field and get all the clowns off the field, and get the real quality diamonds in play so you can compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

Discount Diamonds – Diamond Sales Goin On Every Month

Now it is time to call around or visit different stores and shop different online retailer and wholesalers and ask for pricing on your GIA certified F color, VS-1 clarity diamond. This way you have a good idea of who charges what for the same item. If you like to pay less, you can go down in clarity, such as going down from an VS-1 to an SI-1 diamond. You can play with these parameters and then shop around and see who can provide you with the best prices for the same exact diamond. Shopping smart can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars and more in the case of big diamonds.

Of course, check in with us at Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego in your price shopping process and get a quote from us as well for your loose diamond or diamond engagement ring. You will be surprised at how much you can save when buying a diamond at Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego. We provide top quality diamonds at discounted prices for the general public.

Call us today at (619)777-6265 or click here to contact us.

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