Diamonds, rings, diamond necklaces, bracelets, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, and antique jewellery.
Jewelry, gold rings, necklaces, diamond jewelry, bracelets, gold jewelry, antique jewelry, etc.
Watches, including collectible timepieces, from well-known watch brands like Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, and others.


We’re uncertain why some buyers refuse to disclose their pricing. Perhaps, they fear that potential customers will compare rates with competitors. However, we Diamond Buyers have no qualms about sharing our current pricing when you contact us. However, keep in mind that it’s just an estimate until we physically examine your valuables Give us a call at (619) 777 6265, and let’s see how we can assist you.

We provide honest evaluations and the best possible offers for the items you wish to sell. We Diamond Buyers San Diego supply immediate payment on accepted offers and charge no fees or commissions.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the highest possible value for their diamonds, jewelry, and watches. To achieve this, it is crucial that they have a clear understanding of what they possess before selling it. While it may harm Diamond Buyers business if someone utilizes our knowledge to obtain a better deal elsewhere, We still believe in educating our clients. Offering between 80% to 85% is considered the highest standard among diamond buyers, and there are only a limited number of us who offer this. We have observed that our direct approach is well-received by customers, resulting in referrals, which are essential for the success of our buying business.

Diamond Buyers san diego


Diamond Buyers San Diego


Our clients most commonly seek to sell diamonds, making them our top-purchased diamond, and jewelry item. It’s no surprise that with years of experience, we provide honest and trustworthy offers to those selling their diamonds. Our valuation process is designed to maximize the value of your diamonds.

Jewelry Buyers san diego, Diamond Buyers San Diego

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds buyers San Diego specializes in diamonds and jewelry, and all of our staff members are highly knowledgeable in this field. You can trust that we will provide you with an honest and reliable offer when you come to us to sell your diamond jewelry. Our ability to offer the highest value for your jewelry is due in part to our expertise in maximizing its worth.

Diamond Buyers San Diego

Loose Diamonds

Diamond buyers San Diego specializes in buying loose diamonds. We have an unrivaled knowledge of the diamond industry because we’ve been buying and selling diamonds for years. We buy all types of diamonds. Whether you are looking to sell a rare large diamond in excellent condition or an average small diamond in poor condition, our team will give you an offer higher than other firms.

watch Buyers san diego


If you have old or damaged watches that are no longer of use to you, the experts at Used Jewelry Buyer would love to take them off of your hands in exchange for cash. Vintage watches may no longer be “in style” but they may have more cash value than you think! We’re interested in buying various brands of watches.


Our vast network of foreign watch and jewellery dealers, along with our years of experience, enables us to guarantee the best pricing for our clients.

Diamond Buyers San Diego has a vast network of dealers affording us the ability to offer you the highest prices possible for your unwanted valuables.

When you sell a diamond or jewelry item, its value is determined by its marketability and takes into account the item’s quality and condition. The selling price will be determined by the cost to replace the item at wholesale. You must comprehend the value of your jewelry or diamond in order to sell it successfully.

Without seeing your jewellery, we cannot make any proposals or provide estimates over the phone or by email. Each item of jewellery we purchase is examined and graded by a gem laboratory.

A jewellery appraisal prepared for insurance purposes includes the gemological information about your piece of jewellery in addition to a figure known as the retail replacement value. An estimate of what it would cost to replace a product is the retail replacement value. The labour and material costs, as well as the profits made by the wholesale and retail jewellers, are included in the retail replacement value. It’s possible that some jewellery assessments include grossly exaggerated retail replacement values. When you sell your jewellery, don’t anticipate getting the retail replacement value.

We do not provide a written appraisal after we evaluate your jewelry. If we are interested in purchasing your items, we make an offer to buy.

We pay you immediately with a check. We require proof of identification before finalizing the transaction; please bring your driver’s license with you.

Diamond Buyers San Diego
John Doe CEO

I came in today looking to sell a diamond. Right away I was attended to, and the employee was extremely helpful. I highly recommend it here if you want a legitimate price. I will surely come back if I need to sell anything else.

Diamond Buyers San Diego
Isabella Model

Number one company in San Diego for selling gold jewelry, Diamonds and watches. I my sold a Rolex watch and got best price over my expectations .we're satisficed with the customer services of diamond buyers San Diego in CA.

Diamond Buyers San Diego
Harvey CEO

I was looking to sell my jewelry in San Diego and stumbled upon these guys after having a bad experience with another business. The process was easy and quick. They were very professional and super helpful

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