Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego is celebrating our 5th year in business, serving the San Diego community.

We have been at the same location at 255 Third Ave., Chula Vista, CA 91910 for the past 5 years.

In that time we have helped many customers sell diamonds and receive value for their diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds and diamond jewelry and watches.

What is interesting is that our neighborhood has changed significantly in the past 5 years.

There have been 6 beer and wine places opened on Third Ave. in the time we’ve been here, mostly in the past year. These include Chula Vista Brewery, 3 Punk Ales, Groundswell Brewing Co., Bar Sin Nombre, The Grind House Cafe and Penguin Bar. Balboa Bar & Grill is also under construction, bringing the number of bars on the block to 7. The amount of traffic on Third Ave. has increased significantly. Events sponsored by the town, such as the Lemon Festival or privately, such as the Classic Car shows, also showcase Third Ave. and its businesses to the public.

Penguin Bar in Downtown Chula Vista is located at the former Leo Hamel location on Third Ave.

At the same time, on a national level, there is a lot of news as well, with the Midtrem Elections coming up and Omarosa’s new book about her experience in the White House, Peter Strzok being fired from the FBI and victory delivered by Jim Bote of the Cubs, Third Avenue patrons keep abreast of local and national news by watching big screens at the 6 bars that serving Third Ave.

With the anticipated opening of Balboa Bar & Grill, there would be 3 new kitchens added to the block, the other two being the kitchens from the Grind House Cafe and Groundswell Brewing Co. Existing restaurants, El Comal and Don Pedro’s Taco Shop, long time businesses on the block, are now complimented with a variety of food from these new establishments. In addition to the above, there is also a Sushi truck and a Mexican food truck that serve the block on the weekends and occasionally, a mobile brick oven pizza truck joins the mobile food vendors, providing much needed food for the patrons on the block.

All in all traffic has been exploding on the block, with events nights, bars and day and night activities bringing in more and more people to the block on a regular basis.

San Diego Diamond Buyers is proud to be serving the Chula Vista and San Diego community for the past 5 years. Located in the heart of Downtown Chula Vista, on Third Ave. between E & F Streets (Third & Davidson), our modern state of the art facility if fully air conditioned for the comfort of our clients.

We purchase loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, diamond jewelry and diamond watches. Not all diamond buyers in San Diego are equal. Our professional diamond buyers evaluate your diamond and provide a cash for diamonds quote in minutes. We use tools such as the Rappaport Diamond Report for up to the minute diamond pricing. We also check your diamond’s cut, clarity, color and carat weight, in addition to other factors such as fluorescence, cut ratios and dimensions and current market demand. This means your diamond is evaluated more thoroughly for best pricing practices. When your diamond is evaluated properly, its characteristics are discovered more robustly, resulting in more accurate markers that determine its ultimate wholesale dealer and retail values.

As diamonds get dirty due to wear, lotion, oils and dirt falling on them and into their settings, it is best to clean the diamond before any evaluation. Also, since colorless diamonds are desired most, it is best to use tools that are neutral in color. For example, if the examiner’s magnifying glass (jeweler’s loupe) is yellow, it tends to make your diamond look more yellow, reducing its color grade and hence its value. Same goes with the shirt worn by the examiner, if it is yellow or brown, it is likely your diamond will look more yellow or brown than it actually is. It is best to remove the diamond from any settings, in case it is in a setting, such as that case with engagement rings. This way the diamond can be cleaned thoroughly, removing any dirt that has been stuck to it on the bottom (and diamonds get very dirty inside the setting) to get its true color. It is also useful is evaluating for any chips or breaks behind the prongs as in our past experiences we have seen jeweler’s hide cracks, breaks or chips behind a prong. The color and clarity of the diamond are best evaluated with the diamond out of the setting, so that the best estimation of its color and clarity are determined. Also, when the diamond is out of the setting, its exact weight can be measured in a diamond scale, whereas if it is inside the setting, the weight has to be estimated.

The process of evaluating your diamond by most San Diego diamond buyers is not as thorough as our process. We take the time to evaluate your diamond properly, determine its carat weight, color and clarity grade and provide a diamond buyer’s estimate for your diamond. When selling your diamond in San Diego, it is noteworthy to know with most diamond dealers you will not get what you paid for the diamond. Generally diamond retailers such as Kay Jeweler’s, Jared’s, Zales, Robbin’s Brother’s, Samuel’s, Ben Bridge Jeweler’s and David & Sons retail diamonds. That means they market and find customers for their diamonds to sell them at its retail value. Dealer and second hand used diamond buyers get diamonds wholesale. Therefore, do not expect to get what you paid for your diamond at a second hand diamond buyer or pawn shop, because the retail price is paid by end users of diamonds who are getting engaged or like to purchase diamonds for their own use, versus a dealer is looking to resell the diamond, either to other dealers or to retail same, so the San Diego used diamond buyer needs to have a margin of profit to do a transaction.

Furthermore, San Diego diamond dealers and diamond buyers can buy diamonds at wholesale prices from other dealers nationwide and worldwide. An example of this is the website. Usually, there are over 1 million diamonds on Rapnet for sale. Many of these diamonds are GIA certified from reputable dealers. By being a licensed diamond buyer, used diamond dealers can purchase diamonds at this website from other dealers at a substantial discount over the full diamond price. Many times we see customers overpaying for a diamond significantly and they base their used diamond value based on what they paid, whereas, dealers can buy the same diamond off of Rap for a fraction of the cost. Therefore, what was paid for a diamond is not a good measure of what it is worth, unless you got a bargain or the price of your diamond has appreciated over time, which does happen in many cases. In many cases when you buy a new car, you pay a lot of money for it, but when you go to resell it it is worth less. It is the same with diamonds, specially if you paid full retail prices.

Regardless, diamonds are in high demand. Some types of diamonds are in much more demand than others. For example, a marquis cut diamond is in less demand than a round cut. A VVS clarity diamond is more demand than an I-1 quality diamond. Despite having paid retail for a diamond, if you paid retail, your diamond has value and is in high demand. San Diego Gold & Diamond Buyers will provide you with a buyer’s estimate of what your diamond is worth and provide you with a cash quote for your diamond on the spot. We have GIA certified evaluators available by appointment to evaluate your diamonds when you bring them in.

When selling your diamond in San Diego, bring any sales receipts, papers, certificates and original boxes if you have them. This establishes the pedigree of your diamond better for your used diamond buyer. Of course, if you just have the diamond engagement ring, or loose diamond, just bring that with you.

As the case is with all diamond buyers, bring your ID with you when selling diamond in San Diego. A prerequisite to sell any second hand items in California is to be at least 18 years of age and have a valid state or federal picture ID, such as your California State Driver’s License or Passport. The ID must be a picture ID.

With all the activities going on in Downtown Chula Vista, it is likely you can not only sell your diamond when you come to us, but also enjoy all the new developments and establishments in town. Feel free to catch a football game at Bar Sin Nombre next door to us or grab a beer at Groundswell Brewing Co. across the street, or just grab a bagel at Grind House Cafe. You would love a taste of Downtown Chula Vista in addition to getting cash for your diamond.

Our diamond buyers will take care of you, no appointment necessary.

Come in today and enjoy a taste of  the new Downtown Chula Vista and get cash for your diamonds today.

Call us today at (619)777-6265 or click here to contact us.

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