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Gold & Diamond Buyers Of San Diego Is Celebrating Our 5th Year In Business, Serving The San Diego Community. Sell Diamond And Get More Cash For Diamonds in san Diego CA.

We have been at the same location at 255 Third Ave., Chula Vista, CA 91910 for the past 5 years.

Penguin Bar in Downtown Chula Vista is located at the former Leo Hamel location on Third Ave.

San Diego Diamond Buyers: A Trusted Diamond Buying Service

San Diego Diamond Buyers is a reputable diamond-buying service that has been serving the San Diego and Chula Vista communities for the past five years. The company offers a variety of services, including buying loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, diamond jewelry, and diamond watches.

State-of-the-Art Evaluation Process

San Diego Diamond Buyers, in contrast to many other diamond buyers, has a qualified staff of diamond buyers who employ a cutting-edge evaluation procedure to guarantee that customers obtain a fair price for their diamonds. Using the Rappaport Diamond Report and other resources, the team assesses the cut, clarity, color, carat weight, fluorescence, cut ratios and dimensions, and the current market demand.

Thorough Cleaning and Evaluation

San Diego Diamond Buyers recommends cleaning diamonds before evaluation to remove any dirt and ensure the diamond’s true color is visible. They also advise removing the diamond from any settings to evaluate any chips, cracks or breaks behind the prongs. This allows for a thorough evaluation of the diamond’s color, clarity, and weight.

Diamond Pricing Practices

While selling diamonds, it is crucial to recognize that diamond retailers and dealers act differently. Diamonds are more expensive when purchased from retailers than from wholesalers. Based on their wholesale value, San Diego Diamond Buyers gives a reasonable payment for diamonds.

High Demand Diamonds

San Diego Diamond Buyers acknowledges that some gems are in higher demand than others. For instance, a diamond with a VVS clarity is more sought-after than one with an I-1 grade. Customers can anticipate getting a reasonable price for their diamond even if they paid full retail for it.

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